Learn how the team at Explora Prima remains current on international OSH regulations for safe and healthy operations in the workplace

At PT Explora Prima, we work with hazardous operations ranging wide across multiple fields. As a result of this potential danger, our occupational safety and health aren’t on any corner. To ensure our workers and their contractors are always safe, we remain committed to meeting international standards to ensure they’re up-to-date on our present OSH regulations. This is why we worked along with DiGiSi to hold the ISO 45001:2018 awareness training–so our employees and partners would be aware of exactly what is expected of them. This scheme has allowed us to greatly improve safety work environments than those that conform to lesser industry-approved safety standards. Thanks to the strong internal OSH compliance system developed by DigiSi Solutions, PT Explora Prima can focus full attention on building business and doing our jobs without worrying about occasional problems between individuals arising from incorrect precautionary procedures.

PT Explora Prima’s employees and management will be guided toward understanding the ISO 45001:2018 standard requirements and baseline principles with expert mentorship from DiGiSi. By the end of the seminar, the participants will be well equipped with knowledge on planning, creating, and implementing an effective OSH framework to effectively adhere to these standards. Customers will also receive a comprehensive education on galvanizing reliable safe practices in their work areas, along with help regarding strategies to decrease the risk of unsavory accidents and occupational illnesses.

The training for employees and management of PT Explora Prima is designed to be highly informative and beneficial. By increasing their knowledge of OSH standards, they can grasp the importance of good OSH practices being taken in the work environment and how this all leads to a better employer workplace. Knowing more about operational safety and health (OSH) helps companies become more effective and efficient at production, as well as prevents any harm workers may be receiving with unsafe practices. An informed worker base increases the overall safety of the company, no matter what tasks need to be accomplished. Therefore, with increased OSH awareness comes a higher quality of experience for all employees.

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