Explore PT Explora Prima’s internal MBES training on July 21, 2023, enhancing underwater survey competence. Discover the benefits of MBES technology for accurate marine surveys and PT Explora Prima’s commitment to quality services.

PT Explora Prima, a company specializing in underwater survey and mapping services, is organizing an internal Multibeam Echosounder (MBES) training on July 21, 2023. All employees involved in underwater survey and mapping activities will participate.

The objective of the MBES training is to enhance the employees’ competence in operating and interpreting MBES data. MBES, a technology for underwater surveys, generates bathymetric and seabed morphology data for infrastructure planning, natural resource exploration, and marine research.

“MBES training is crucial to improve our employees’ competence in operating and interpreting MBES data,” said Budiman, CEO of PT Explora Prima. “MBES data is essential for underwater survey and mapping activities.”

This initiative reflects PT Explora Prima’s commitment to improving service quality and ensuring the delivery of accurate and high-quality underwater survey and mapping services.

Multibeam Echosounder (MBES): Innovating Underwater Technology

MBES, a sonar device for measuring ocean depths and creating detailed seabed maps, enables PT Explora Prima to enhance marine survey accuracy, support construction projects, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Benefits of MBES Training: Optimizing Technology Utilization

This training not only imparts understanding of MBES technology but also ensures that the PT Explora Prima team can optimize its use in future projects, raising service standards to meet the demands of an increasingly complex market.

PT Explora Prima’s Commitment to Employee Development and Cutting-Edge Technology

The internal training reflects PT Explora Prima’s commitment to employee development and mastery of the latest technology, ensuring their team remains at the forefront of the evolving marine survey industry.

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