Discover how the team at Explora Prima implemented a comprehensive Internal Dimensional Control Training to hone its employees’ skills, ensuring that all equipment is properly operated and functioning optimally

With an eye toward quality and accuracy, PT Explora Prima recently conducted a comprehensive Internal Dimensional Control Training to hone the skills of their employees to properly operate equipment used for exploration and drilling. The training aimed at ensuring that all equipment functioned optimally according to specifications, helping PT Explora Prima further perfect its processes on oil/gas excavation initiatives.

In this training, participants will receive unparalleled instruction from leading experts at PT Explora Prima in dimensional control. Through dynamic instructional sessions tailored to the latest methods and techniques for measurement of exploration and drilling equipment, these insights directly impact future achievement on the job. It’s an opportunity to increase understanding by actually making – not only measuring – those precise reported results with hands-on practice in a safe atmosphere. This training moves confidently into the future with essential knowledge that empowers data interpretation and deft reporting abilities finding expression through careful consideration of every individual’s needs.

PT Explora Prima is dedicated to helping their employees gain greater technology mastery; increasing the ability of employees to include accurate dimensional measurements of exploration and drilling equipment in their processes. Being equipped with the right knowledge, they can ensure that the machinery used in these industries works flawlessly and it meets specifications. In other words, this additional training guarantees the correct implementation of equipment and ultimately creates a safer working atmosphere for them, as participants will comprehend better how to properly measure and use equipment safely.

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