Explora Prima conducts bathymetric survey test in Batam waters to improve accuracy of services provided to clients

Explora Prima, as a survey company, must provide accurate survey data as the client’s preferred solution. Explora Prima always routinely conducts a series of test surveys to improve the quality of services provided. If previously a test survey was carried out using the ROV, this time Explora Prima conducted the Truepix acquisition data test, a Bathymetric survey test in Batam waters.


Multibeam echosounders (MBES) have become a mainstream tool for ocean mapping, enabling integrated approaches to nautical charting, benthic habitat mapping, and seafloor geotechnical surveys.


By using sea transportation such as boats that have been equipped with several bathymetric survey tools: The Acquisition data were obtained using Trimble BX992 as a Positioning and Heading System, Norwegian Subsea MRU as a Motion Sensor, and R2Sonic 2020 as a Multibeam Echosounder (MBES). BeamworX software was used to record the backscatter and MBES data. Seafloor geological mapping could benefit greatly from these innovations


Despite only conducting a test survey, we pay close attention to safety at work. Each employee is equipped with security and safety standards. That way, the test survey can run smoothly and generate satisfactory results.

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