Explore the world of underwater survey with PT Explora Prima, maker of affordable and innovative mini ROV’s designed for water exploration.

Mini Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) can be used for survey work in underwater environments. Mini ROVs are compact, powerful devices that provide a cost-effective way to carry out surveys and inspections underwater. They are typically equipped with advanced sensors, cameras and lighting systems which allow them to capture high-resolution Images and videos of objects in their environment.

PT Explora Prima conducts R&D on mini ROVs and performs tests on Ocarina beach in Batam to test the mini ROV’s resistance to sea depths of around 10m, as well as the durability of accessories installed on the mini ROV. A test will be conducted at a distance of 30m below the surface of the water.

Mini ROVs are designed to be lightweight and easy to control, making them ideal for deployment in hostile or challenging conditions such as strong currents, deep water depths and low light levels. Their small size also makes them well-suited for confined spaces where larger equipment cannot operate.

In addition to their use in marine surveys, mini ROVs can also be used for locating and mapping pipelines, as well as locating lost or damaged objects at sea. They also have the potential to be used for remote maintenance and repair operations thanks to their ability to access difficult places beneath the water’s surface.

Overall, mini ROVs offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for conducting surveys and inspections in underwater/deep sea environments. Their lightweight design makes them ideal for accessing hard-to-reach places beneath the ocean’s surface, while their advanced sensors and cameras allow them to capture high-quality imagery of their environment.

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