The 16th Conference and South East Asian Surveyor Congress have successfully finished in Bandung with many ASEAN participants.

“The Role of The Role of Geospatial Information and Industry for Improving Regional Connectivity Towards Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Sustainable Development Goals” was the title of the 16th Conference and South East Asian Surveyor Congress or SEASC.

Other than the 16th SEASC, there was also the Ikatan Surveyor Indonesia Yearly Scientific Forum (FIT-ISI) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the ISI. Explora Prima partook in the SEASC event and obliged with the ISI and SEASC exhibitions.

There are many different surveyor businesses present, which is excellent since it allows them to exchange the most recent information and technological advancements in the field of surveys.

The event was from August 2, 2022, until August 5, 2022, in the West Java capital of Bandung. The international congress was held at Trans Luxury Hotel, and also became a celebration for one of the city’s institutions.

What is SEASC

SEASC included researchers, surveyors, students, observers from South East Asian nations, Australia, and Taiwan, as well as national and international academics, representatives from the ministry and the national institute, local governments, researchers, the surveying industry association, and surveyors.

These participants discussed the opportunities, challenges, and connections for sustainably improving surveying, geodesy, geomatics, and hydrography.

Conference and South East Asian Surveyor Congress delivered state-of-the-art research on learning, equity and risk, methodology, capacity building, and some investment techniques in surveying, geomatics, geodesy, and hydrography from South East Asia, Taiwan, and Australia.

It examined realistic adaptation policies and procedures and exchanged decision-making techniques to enhance international collaboration for preserving the environment and for a higher quality of life for people.

Conference and South East Asian Surveyor Congress to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary

National Technology Institute or Itenas, was celebrating its 50th anniversary by holding the 16th Conference and South East Asian Surveyor Congress. To host this great event, Itenas cooperated with Ikatan Surveyor Indonesia or ISI, Badan Informasi Geospatial or BIG, and the ASEAN Federation of Land Surveying and Geomatics (AFLAG).

Moreover, the international event was supported by the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning or ATR/BPN, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing or PUPR, and the Indonesian National Navy’s Hidro-oceanography Unit or Dihidros TNI-AL.

Series of Events

The 16th Conference and South East Asian Surveyor Congress had various events about using technology for industrial development. The series of events were the conference itself, a showcase, paper sessions, and a talk show about the industry.

For the talk show, the discussion focused on the connectivity of industrial locations, specifically transportation, computer science, and marketing. In the world of the geospatial industry, those having a crucial role are human resources, regulation, technology, and organization.

Because the SEASC became one event with the Yearly Scientific Forum of ISI, there was a special section of the AFLAG meeting. It was about the Mutual Recognition Arrangement or MRA, which was attended by competent authorities from 10 South East Asian countries.

As a result, AFLAG has become the surveying practitioner for South East Asia. All the participants agreed on the decision, which was intended to maintain harmony and integrity between the competent authorities and AFLAG.

The Participants of the 16th SEASC

 The big event of the 16th Conference and South East Asian Surveyor Congress was attended by approximately 600 participants who are regulators, practitioners, and students of the geospatial information department of South East Asia nations.

About 40 geospatial industries, including Explora Prima, filled the available exhibition stands. Of all participants, 77 percents of which were from Indonesia, while the remaining 23 percents were from other countries.

The 17th South East Asian Survey Congress

The 16th Conference and South East Asian Surveyor Congress have done successfully, so it is time to prepare for the next event. Topics covered at the 17th South East Asian Survey Congress (SEASC 2023), which could be held around August 2023, will include:

  • Resource Administration
  • Construction, Land Administration, and Transportation Management
  • Real estate valuation and management
  • Management of the Environment
  • Management of Coastal and Marine Resources
  • Location-based intelligence
  • Municipal Government
  • Institutional growth and capacity development
  • Mutual Understanding and Education
  • Cadastral Surveying System Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change
  • Geo-Enabled Society
  • Management and Collaboration of Geospatial Information
  • Geovisualization
  • Other Applications and Innovations in Geospatial Science and Technology

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