Quality management in a surveyor company must be done properly by every organization based on the ISO quality audit. So, what is it?

Every organization or company, including the surveyor ones, needs to have its own quality management standard. With that standard, a company can achieve its goals of satisfying customers with the best products and services. All of which will go back to the company itself.

For quality management in a surveyor company, the international management standard of the ISO 9001 quality audit can be used as a framework. So, what actually is the ISO 9001 quality audit?

About ISO 9001 Quality Audit

Everything needs to be evaluated to improve performance. The ISO 9001 quality audit or internal audit, a quality management standard released by the International Organization for Standardization, is a way to fill the need for quality management in a surveyor company.

This evaluation is done independently by a company or an organization. The evaluation criteria are fixed and done systematically. As it is an independent evaluation, everything must be well documented to be valid.

The obstacle to an independent evaluation is some fake information and assumption directed toward some departments to protect some parties from any evaluation. If that happens, the ISO 9001 quality audit goal will not become a reality.

Why Is Quality Management in Surveyor Company Necessary?

Doing an ISO 9001 internal audit is not without reason. It is important to do quality management in a surveyor company due to these factors:

  • To supervise the effectiveness of the management system application in a company.
  • To identify any possible improvements in certain areas of a company.
  • To check whether the activities in every department are documented completely or not.
  • To achieve a company’s requirement based on the standard of the ISO.

Who Can Do Internal Audits?

As the quality management in a surveyor company is done internally, all the rights to choose those who can be the auditors. However, there are some rules that soon-to-be auditors must follow.

  • An auditor must be independent and can not audit his or her own department.
  • An auditor has to have some leadership qualities.
  • An auditor must have the qualification to audit according to the procedure from the ISO internal audit.

Steps of ISO 9001

There are at least five steps to do quality management in a surveyor company with ISO 9001 internal audits.

1. Scheduling

For any events to be well organized and successful, everything must be scheduled properly. Without proper scheduling, some departments in the company might not be ready for quality management.

For the timeline, it is up to each company to decide when the internal audit will take place. In general, an internal audit is held once in three months, once in six months, or once a year. If a department has a more crucial role in a company, the internal audit can be done more frequently.

2. Planning

Both the auditors and the auditees must be involved in the planning of the internal audit that is about to be held. It is to avoid any disagreement during the actual audit. Some examples of things that must be decided together are when and where the internal audit will occur.

Moreover, the auditors can discuss any findings of the previous quality management in a surveyor company with the auditees so that the next internal audit can give something positive for the company.

3. Doing the Audit

After the schedule and the plan are fixed, it is time to begin the internal audit by starting a meeting between the auditors and the auditees. The auditors can do the process with various methods such as interviews, observations, documentation reviews, etc.

4. Reporting

The immediate step after the internal audit process is giving the auditees the audit reports. It has to be done without any delays so that the areas that need to be improved or fixed can be better as soon as possible.

5. Evaluating

Last but not least, the auditors need to be sure that all problems as the internal audit results, are gone for good. Whatever problems might be found, an internal audit must be able to give improvement for a company.

Not only completing the requirements but doing an internal audit properly will also improve the quality of any company. That is why Explora Prima frequently evaluates the quality management in a surveyor company so that all clients will get the best services and in accordance with the standardization of work that has been determined.

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