Learn about the newest initiative from Explora Prima and the internal training that seeks to equip employees with cutting-edge side scan sonar data interpretation skills.

As part of an ongoing commitment to ensure its exploration efforts are the most effective they can be, Explora Prima recently conducted Internal Side Scan Post Processing Training. This important initiative seeks to equip employees with deepened knowledge and cutting-edge skills to interpret side-scan sonar data that could potentially disclose natural resources hidden beneath the Earth’s surface.

This training provides participants with an opportunity to further their education on side scan sonar. Experts from Explora Prima will guide participants in the newest techniques and methods for processing and analyzing data, interpreting information obtained from the device, and creating accurate base maps and land mapping. Participants will practice their new skills in a secure setting, allowing for a deeper understanding of the capabilities of side scan sonar.

Explora Prima is dedicated to ensure its employees are equipped with necessary adeptness about side-scan sonar data.  Through this training, participants gain cutting-edge knowledge on ways to use sonar devices during operations, providing the competitive edge and allowing a foresight on leveraging potential resources. Consequently, companies would be able to develop useful insights deduced from the valuable information gathered without compromising safety in the workspace. The increasingly knowledgeable workforce contributes positively to the overall organizational performance as well as eliminating risks enduring in work setting.

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