PT Explora Prima is a professional survey company dedicated its services to the clients with emphasizes on quality, cost effective solution services and in safe manner. We believe that to meet the clients agreed requirements and ensuring our services at consistent level, we need to commit in every aspect of our operation.

    1. Commitment to quality is made by ALL company employees and as such is an integral part of their responsibilities.
    2. Provide competent and qualified people to implement and maintain the Quality Management System.
    3. All personnel participate to training program conducted by Explora Prima or other parties to ensure personnel’s capability to hold the projects
    4. All survey activity must be well planned, organized and follow the schedule
    5. Our management has responsible to ensure compliance of this quality policy among our personnel at any level.
    6. We will continuously develop our expertise, personnel and organization as well as implement quality control in every aspect of our operation.
    7. Explora Prima Policy to achieve continuous improvement of quality by setting measurable goals

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