• Mobile Mapping Processing & Modeling

    Fully Integrated positioning and data collection solutions for land based vehicles. Empowering Mobile Mapping to change the face of Global Image Scanning (GIS). Mobile Mapping is a powerful technology that will change the face of GIS forever. Extract features using Explora Prima's Asset Inventory Management solution to produce and update content faster and more effective than ever before, is now widely utilised.

    Create and Manage Assets using Mobile Mapping
    ExploraPrima's Mobile Mapping solutions cover GIS requirements on the desktop, server, internet and mobile devices. Explora Prima's Technology offers a one-stop solution provider.

    Mobile Mapping content at your fingertips
    With Explora Prima Asset Inventory Management, asset themes are easily defined for each type of object that needs to be managed. Simple procedures add themes to the central database.

    Feature Extraction and Content Creation
    Use the panoramic image and point cloud to make a single-click registration. Create point, line, area objects from any viewpoint or combine several panoramas to register larger objects. No point cloud ? No problem ! Use the triangulation method and register each object in 2 panoramas.

    Overlayand Map Integration
    Explora Prima Asset Inventory Management combines the standard 2D map view with panoramas. Any GIS content can be used. Vector data can be overlayed on panoramas with a single click. Panoramas are on turn visualized on the map, indicating position, orientation and field-of-view. This perfect integration will change the face of GIS forever

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