• 3D Laser Scanning

    Laser scanning is used in conjunction with conventional dimensional control equipment to capture large 3D data rapidly. Laser scanning systems have the ability to capture 3D data at over 1 million points/sec. Completion of the processed data, allows EP to generate 3D models representing real world structures with high accuracy. The scanning result allows us to compare as-built versus design to ensure compliance.

    Dimensional control and laser scanning is widely used in the Ship-Building Industry, Oil and Gas, Construction Industry, Manufacturing and Architecture.

What do we provide?

- Explora Prima uses the latest 3D equipment to comply with client and application requirements.

- A dedicated processing facility of 10 personnel qualified in drafting, modelling, QC and PDMS (Plant Design Modelling Systems) administration. Our pool can be extended for long term projects or large scale modeling that requires processing work.

- A widely utilised industry standard known software, AutoCAD, Microstation, Cyclone, CadWorx, PDMS. In addition, we continuously develop CAD applications to speed up processing time.

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