3D Laser Scanning BWTS Retrofit MT Sinar Agra

3D Laser Scanning BWTS Retrofit MT Sinar Agra

3D laser scanning is revolutionizing BWTS, contributing to sustainable shipping, and bolstering the protection of our precious marine ecosystems.

Ballast Water Treatment Systems are essential for safeguarding the world’s marine ecosystems, protecting biodiversity, and promoting sustainable shipping practices. By implementing these systems, the shipping industry can contribute to a healthier, more balanced environment for both current and future generations. These systems are designed to treat ballast water in ships, which is essential for ensuring the stability and safety of vessels during transportation.

Thus, a multitude of vessel are currently undergoing BWTS retrofitting, including the Indonesian-flagged tanker SINAR AGRA. Prior to the retrofit, Explora Prima was entrusted to conduct a survey on this 116-meter long tanker. In fact, a 3D laser scan technique survey was performed by Explora Prima in May and early June to make it happen.

Within a span of just 3 days, the data collected from the 3D Scan via Faro Technology by Explora Prima revealed an accurate Point Cloud representation of actual conditions of the vessel. The collected data will lay the foundation for the BWTS Retrofit process after undergoing further processing. Explora Prima recognized the importance of utilizing cutting-edge technology to ensure precise and efficient retrofitting

Through the use of cutting-edge 3D laser scanning technology, PT Explora Prima remains at the forefront of the industry by providing accurate retrofitting solutions that prioritize environmental compliance and the preservation of marine ecosystems.

Whether retrofitting BWTS or requiring an accurate and precise survey, our 3D scans offer the solution you need. Our team can be contacted directly via phone or email, so don’t hesitate to reach out.


27 May , 03 & 08 June 2023




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