Dimensional control & Calibration FPV Joseph Plateau 

Dimensional control & Calibration FPV Joseph Plateau 

Learn how PTEP’s innovative dimension control survey and calibration services provided Jan De Nul N.V. with precise and efficient surveying solutions aboard the FPV Joseph Plateau.

Jan De Nul N.V. commissioned PT Explora Prima (PTEP) to conduct a precise and efficient Dimensional Control survey and calibration services aboard the FPV Joseph Plateau while it underwent dry-docked maintenance at Keppel Shipyard in Singapore.

The benefit of conducting a dimensional control survey on a vessel is to ensure that the vessel’s components are accurately aligned, minimizing the risk of equipment failure and ensuring a longer lifespan of the vessel overall. By identifying any potential alignment issues before they cause harm, vessel owners can save time, money, and possibly even lives in the long run. Especially the vessel that will be surveyed performs important services in the foundation construction of offshore facilities because it can sink sand or stones precisely to the seabed via a downpipe.

In order to meet client specifications for the offsets survey, PTEP utilized Dimensional Control (DC) techniques to attain precise measurements on the vessel built in 2013. This technique encompasses a series of survey procedures designed to measure an object and its connection to surrounding structures or designs with utmost accuracy.

We have created a thorough field survey report for our client to review. As experts in our field, we are committed to providing our clients with accurate and comprehensive assessments, and this report is no exception. Our findings are organized and presented in an easy-to-understand format, giving our clients a clear picture of the data collected during the survey. With this report, our client can confidently make informed decisions based on our expert analysis.


06 – 15 March & 26 – 28 March 2023


Jan De Nul N.V.


Keppel Shipyard, Singapore