Underwater inspection using mini ROV for Ramba Jetty Piles

Underwater inspection using mini ROV for Ramba Jetty Piles

Underwater inspection with ROV at Ramba Jetty is important to maintain the piles there, so here is what you need to know

Everything beneath the water is difficult to be seen clearly. To achieve some goals under the water, an underwater survey is necessary. The easiest method to do the job is underwater inspection with ROV. This method is safer and possibly one of the most affordable ones for underwater surveying purposes.

About Underwater Inspection with ROV

Underwater inspection or underwater survey is needed to finish some tasks such as dry docking survey replacement, destruction surveys, insurance needs, as well as other requested purposes. As for the types, there are at least three kinds of underwater inspection with ROV services available to be used:

  • The first type is jetty or port inspection. It has the purpose of checking the structural condition to determine whether it is still strong and thick enough or needs some repairs. An example of a necessary inspection is if a port is destroyed for any reason.
  • Next is Underwater In Lieu of Dry Docking or UWILD. This inspection focuses on a ship hull that replaces dry docking on a jetty or the sea. This survey can be done for ships that are at most 15 years old.
  • Last but not least, the type is an underwater survey for offshore buildings. It serves the purpose of inspecting the platform where an offshore structure stands so it will serve its purposes without causing any danger.

Some examples of underwater inspection with ROV jobs are checking the paint off a ship, checking a ship’s hull, checking welding condition, measuring the power of cathodic protection, measuring the underwater hull plate, and measuring the clearance of the propeller as well as inspecting the propeller itself.

These inspections are usually done by professional divers for the sake of the job’s accuracy. However, with ROV, the jobs can also be done with this advanced robot without reducing the quality of the jobs.

Get to Know Remotely Operated Vehicles

Different types of robots can greatly assist human jobs in the present era. Both multi-tasking robots and ones created with a single specialized task in mind exist. Robots are capable of functioning in the air, on land, and underwater.

Numerous things need to be examined underwater. However, doing such a thing is challenging and risky for people for a number of reasons. Because of this, people require a specific robot to complete the task, and that robot is a tiny ROV made for quick deployment and straightforward use.

As mentioned above, underwater inspection with ROV is one of the best methods for an underwater survey. So, what is this thing called the ROV?

A type of underwater mobile robot called a Remotely Operated Vehicle or ROV can assist people with a variety of underwater tasks. Some underwater locations may not be accessible to humans, but by controlling a tiny ROV from the surface, any challenging underwater task can be completed without incident.

ROVs are frequently used for surveying in some offshore oil and gas industries. Additionally, they may do various industrial operations in place of divers. ROVs also make any offshore developments more practicable because of their portability and compactness.

ROV is similar to AUV or Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. The difference is that ROVs do not require any driver to be inside the robots to operate them. Instead, the operator can control an ROV remotely from above the surface.

With its compact size, the robot for underwater inspection with ROV has many parts, such as a microcontroller, thruster motor, lighting system, camera, controller, and the needed software.

Underwater Inspection at Ramba Jetty

The underwater inspection with ROV is intended to survey the piles at Ramba Jetty, owned by Medco Energy. The location is in South Sumatra, and an alpha-type mini ROV is used to document the actual condition of the piles there.

Because of the muddy, murky conditions of the river and the presence of wild animals, this inspection rendered the employment of a diver impractical, hence the use of the mini ROV. Explora Prima has successfully examined a total of 44 piles and recorded their underwater state with positive outcomes and no mishaps.

As a one-stop surveyor company, Explora Prima has to provide the best services that every client can get. For that, the underwater inspection with ROV at Ramba Jetty is a great example.


October-December 2022


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