Dimensional Control Offsets on Apollo Vessel

Dimensional Control Offsets on Apollo Vessel

In order to achieve staggering accuracy in the marine industry, dimensional control offsets are key. That’s why the Apollo Vessel turned to Explora Prima for help

For any project to succeed, accuracy and precision are key. Especially in the marine industry, where dimensional control offsets can make or break a project, it’s important to have a surveyor that you can trust. That’s why the Dimensional Control Offsets of the Apollo Vessel were entrusted to Explora Prima, one-stop solution Surveyor Company.

Dimensional control offsets are values used to adjust the position or size of a feature or part in a manufacturing or engineering process. They represent the difference between the desired or nominal dimensions of a feature and the actual dimensions that are measured during or after the manufacturing process.

The dimensional control offsets can be positive or negative and can be used to compensate for various factors that affect the accuracy of the manufacturing process, such as tool wear, material shrinkage, thermal expansion, or machine inaccuracies. By applying the appropriate offsets, the resulting parts or assemblies can be brought into compliance with the required specifications.

As was the case with dimension control offsets work carried out by Explora Prima on the Apollo vessel, where later a Pre Piling leg frame will be installed. Accurate and precise actual data is needed to support the engineering process.

The sunny weather in Singapore speeds up the process, which takes only 48 hours. Of course, the work can be completed on time, without any incidents and satisfactory results.


14-15 January 2023