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Explora Prima continues to lead the way in utilizing cutting-edge technology for maritime projects, as demonstrated through our successful collaboration with the RSC Nuyina project. Showcasing our expertise in 3D Laser Scanning in Singapore last April was a significant milestone for us.

The RSC Nuyina is the ultimate research and supply vessel, powering scientific exploration and logistical operations in Polar Regions. To ensure it meets regulations effectively and safely, precision evaluations and measurements are paramount. Luckily, our 3D Laser Scanning solutions prove absolutely invaluable in this arena!

Our advanced 3D Laser Scanning technology has successfully captured highly precise digital renditions of the renowned RSC Nuyina. Our innovative laser scanning techniques enable us to create a complete digital twin of the ship, capturing even the most intricate structures, equipment, and compartments with unparalleled accuracy. As a result, we gain an all-inclusive and comprehensive understanding of the vessel’s current state, making maintenance planning, retrofitting, and structural analysis more efficient than ever before. With this captured data, we can provide a useful guide for any future modifications, repairs, and upgrades, ensuring the continued reliability, safety, and performance of the vessel.

Upon completion of the 3D Laser Scanning process, the gathered data undergoes sophisticated software processing to generate accurate and practical 3D models. These models serve multiple purposes such as immersive virtual tours, collision detection, volume calculations, and spatial analysis, bringing critical forms of information to vivid life.

At Explora Prima, we go above and beyond to ensure accuracy and precision in every detail we capture. But that’s not all. We take safety and regulatory compliance just as seriously. Our team strictly follows safety protocols during the scanning process to protect the well-being of our personnel and maintain the integrity of the vessel.

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21-24 March 2023


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