3D Scanning Vessel for Scrubber Retrofit Swift Hangzhou

3D Scanning Vessel for Scrubber Retrofit Swift Hangzhou

PT Explora prima 3D Laser Scan for Scrubber Retrofit in less than a week and provides highly accurate data

PT Explora Prima did a 3D Laser Scan for Scrubber Retrofit Swift Hangzhou for 2 days, and a survey was carried out to inspect each ship from the engine room, mooring deck, outside funnel, etc. The 3D laser scan inspection conducted by Explora Prima was successful and there were no accidents.

3D laser scanning is a powerful tool for Scrubber Retrofit and the process of 3D laser scanning is extremely fast and offers highly accurate data. This data can be used to view the as-built condition of the Scrubber Retrofit, which can then allows engineers to use it to plan and design any necessary modifications or repairs. Additionally, 3D laser scanning can be used to accurately measure congested spaces in engine rooms, allowing for precise reverse engineering of any existing systems.

A millimeter-precision as-is assessment can be carried out using laser 3D scanning. Then the data is transferred to the CAD system making it easy to measure and place new parts (if necessary) according to the virtual environment, connection points can be evaluated, collision checks can be performed, logistics and transport of new features can be verified to verify that they fit into their new position.

Overall, 3D laser scanning provides an invaluable service to those looking to install or maintain Scrubber Retrofit on their ships. It ensures accurate installation and repair work by capturing detailed information about the ship’s structure and layout. In addition to scanning Scrubber Retrofit on ships, PT Explora Prima can provide 3D laser scanning services for other needs.


30 December 2022 - 01 January 2023


SeaBlue Engineering Pte Ltd


Tanjung Kampeh, Sumatera Selatan