• Uav Mapping & Photogrammetric Mapping

    Revolutionary Mapping
    A fully automated aerial scan collects raw digital images from between 100 to 1000 meters altitude. These GPS positioned images have very high overlap.

    Why Choose UAV?
    - On Demand - Flexible deployment
    - Less investment compared with full size aircraft
    - Fly below cloud, clearer image resolution
    - Less operating cost compared to traditional method

    We can offer you the following services:

    Rapid Deployment
    With a wingspan of just 1m and weight of only 2kg, this lightweight aircraft is able to mobilise to any location on a commercial airline carrier, making it a safe and instant solution to your aerial mapping needs.

    Fast Turn Around Time
    Projects are planned, flown and processed in as little as a 24 hr period. This is possible due to the automated processing solution. Stretchout software is utlised to orthorectify images and to generate the Digital Elevation Model (DEM).

    One Square Kilometre Blocks
    The UAV utilises a lithium ion battery to power the plane, navigation system and camera. Flight durations of 45 minutes to 1 Hour are possible with a ground coverage of 1 square kilometre per flight. This coverage makes this solution ideal for small mapping projects. Mapping projects between one square kilometre to ten square kilometres would normally be too small for conventional aerial mapping or would take many weeks with GPS surveying. This can now be surveyed in a timely and cost effective manner with UAV.

    Photogrammetric Mapping
    We use photogrammetric software for post processing and map production. Photogrammetric software system allows for easy management of multiple model images along with their appropriate camera and control files in a project based environment. Quick and efficient stereoscopic orientation of the models is performed using either interior, relative, and absolute orientation or by employing exterior orientation data.

    Raw images from the UAV are digitally processed into high quality orthophotos. These orthophotos are seamless and display lively colours as they do not suffer from atmospheric haze effects. Full-resolution end products are available within hours or days following the survey, depending on the size of your project. Orthophotos are geometrically corrected and have the benefits of high detail, uniform scale and true geometry.

    Digital Elevation Model
    Processing of the UAV data also yields a Digital Elevation Model (DEM). The DEM is a digital representation of ground surface topography including all objects, trees and structures. This model is used for topographical mapping and is also useful for the calculation of earthworks and stockpile volumes. Consistent accuracies are obtained due to the high resolution imagery and ground control marks surveyed using GPS which coordinate the model.

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