• Land Survey

    We offers many mapping services utilize latest mapping technology i.e., Electronic Total Station, 3D Laser Scanner and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

    Mapping projects in support of planning, engineering and design are implemented and completed by our professionals surveyors with decades of experience in topographic mapping. We can offer you the following services:

    - Topographic Survey
    - Mining Survey
    - Stockpile Volume Survey
    - Construction Survey
    - Pipeline Survey
    - Geodetic Control Network
    - Deformation / Slope Stability Monitoring
    - Aerial Terrain Mapping
    - Disaster site Mapping

    Procedures that heed to be dimensionally controlled include alignment, length, thickness, ovality, straightness, circumference and as-built structures. Dimensional Control reduces unnecessary re-work and project inefficiency, prompt accurate fabrication is the end result.

Land Survey Works

As a survey company, Explora Prima has the capability to carry out Land Survey works such as:

- Topographical Surveys
- Cut and fill surveys
- As-built surveys
- Geodetic survey/ground controls
- Gyro Calibrations
- Deformation monitorings
- Pipeline surveys
- Mining surveys

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