• Ecolnspection

    - All in One Dimensional QC System
    - Ecolnspection can read Design Input from Tribon, AVEVA and CAD
    - Manage Dimensional QC Schedule Based on Structure, Modular orBlock
    - Ability to Handle Large Data
    - Integration of Survey Data from Total Station and Laser Scanner to Intuitive 3D Model

    EP provides from start to finish Dimensional QC for marine fabrication, ship building and oil and gas construction. Utilizing Hi-tech survey equipment and inspection system Ecosystem allow us to ensure fabrication dimensionally controlled in accordance with standard and design.

    Main benefits:
    - Dimensional QC as per EEMUA158/DNV/API or as per clients requirements
    - Avoid dimensional error during fabrication
    - Integrated survey workflow, from acquisition-processing-modeling
    - Fast reporting, acquired data can be received by processing office immediately
    - Compatible with most of Design and CAD software i.e: Tribon, AVEVA PDMS/Marine, Smart PLANT, AutoCAD,
    - Simulation before Election
    - Clash detection
    - Save time, avoid rework, increase yard turn around

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