Explora Prima is a professional and specialised survey company with a dedicated and qualified team. Explora Prima place great emphasis on Safety, Quality, Cost and Time, these factors are main priorities on each project. Explora Prima are keen to deliver a high standard of surveying and scanning services, we work with the very latest survey technology and regularly conduct internal training for our survey crew.

  • 3D Laser Scanning

    Captures large 3D data rapidly. Elimination of reworks, generate 3D models to mitigate risk and cost acceleration.

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  • Dimensional Control

    High quality dimensional survey and objects modelling accurately, analyze the relation to other structures or its design.

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  • Ecolnspection

    Fully Integrated Dimensional QA / QC Management.

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  • Subsea Metrology

    We deliver a full, interactive 3D as-built/as-found report from which accurate geometries and range measurements can be sourced.

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Shortly About Us

To improve the quality and performance of our services to clients in the world of international quality management certification we do performed by BV, and finally on 11 October 2013 we successfully achieved ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System.

And to further strengthen our position in the country in the field of oil and gas surveys we conduct certification by the national oil and gas Agency.

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